Friday, November 17, 2006

Burial plans

I'd just as soon not have a grave site. I'd rather people remember me as I am instead of going to some site. But that's my preference. I have an aunt who would like to have her ashes scattered in the mountains. There are a couple of places she could be buried. One is with her first husband and a child they lost during their marriage. Another is in the plot owned by her second husband's family. But making a choice between those two places is not something she can do.

However for gay men and lesbians in a committed relationship the options are not as simple. A gay couple in Baltimore chose a site together. One of them died. The other faced a court battle in order to carry out his partner's wishes. Finally the decision came down that they could be buried together.

Those seemingly simple decisions that come along with a marriage certificate are but one reason civil unions or marriages or whatever you want to call it should be allowed for committed life partners no matter what the genders involved. It's a simple matter of justice. No special rights are being asked for, only that a couple be permitted to make decisions for each other without having to spend time, money and energy preparing documents that even then may be contested by family members who disapprove of who their relative has found as a partner in life.

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