Thursday, November 23, 2006

Those little lies

Today someone said something along the lines of 'Your breakfast closes early.' And I went, 'we keep it open until nine am.' And they continued along with, 'most places keep it open until ten' And I went, 'not around here.' Then the final word was, 'We've never seen a breakfast close so early.' And I sighed.

I know that the places around here close at nine am. I've been at a lot of motels where the breakfast closes at nine. It's just not that unusual. And to have someone say that they've never seen it before is either a lack of travel experience or a little lie. And those little lies add up.

I suppose that the person just wanted to be in the right. But a little lie is the wrong way to go about it. We all make mistakes and all of us have lied on ocassion. But the attitude that allows one to lie, just a little bit, just for a good purpose, just adds up over time into an attitude that allows lying at one's convenience. And that's why just a little lie is still wrong.

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