Thursday, November 23, 2006

A testimony to which I can return

The Elijah/Elisha cycle of stories have become more and more important in my search for understanding of scripture. I suspect I wouldn’t want to meet either of the men and would be uncomfortable in their company, yet they speak to me as a follower of Christ and provide an example of living in a godly fashion.

One of the reasons I love reading these stories is because Elijah and Elisha are so human. I can see myself in Elijah leaving the miracle of contending with the priests of Baal (I Kings 18) and then going into the wilderness to complain that he was left all alone (I Kings 19). I should repeat that. I can seem myself going out of some triumph to complain that everyone is against me. And so I love reading the stories as they illuminate my life and experiences and challenge me to go forth again.

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