Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tips from Christians

As someone who works serving breakfast, cleaning rooms, managing the front desk I sometimes get tips. But there are some tips that make me reconsider being a Christian. That is those tips from people that are a booklet or such on their denomination. I don’t care how much the book costs or how good that book is or even if that pamphlet is completely scriptural, the way to reward service is to give money.

If you like the person at the motel, the restaurant, the cruise or whatever, then give them money. But don’t give some pamphlet. That doesn’t promote your cause; it makes the rest of us gag. Here is a tip to other Christians from one who is also Christian. Stop with the pamphlets already. Please, just stop. Or, in some words from scripture, don’t bind the mouths of the kine that tread the grain.

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