Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is the moment

For the moment I’m between jobs. The laundry and cleaning has finished –including all the folding – and the guests for the night haven’t yetarrived. There’s a pause where I can double check what’s going on and think about what I’ll need for the next day. It’s in these moments that I often remember to pray and give thanks.

Certainly there are other moments – other than these moments of in between time – where I give thanks, say a quick prayer for help and other things. But these times are the moments where I can just spend time in contemplation and without an agenda. These are the times for prayer inthe midst of a busy day. And that time for prayer, reflection, or meditation – whatever you want to call it – is important for my renewal.

Those moments are also scriptural. How many times in the gospels do we hear of Jesus leaving the crowds topray? And then tto prayre the moments as when Elijah left the scene of hist riumph over the priests to go to the wilderness andcomplain/reflect. The prophets spend time out side of their tasks to pray, to reflect, and to work on remembering their call from God.Where are the moments in your day to reflect or pray or take time to justbe? We all need them, but sometimes we get too caught up in doing torealize that we need to look at why we are doing what we’re doing. So find those moments where nothing is going on and take them for what theyare instead of filling them with one more thing.

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