Friday, January 19, 2007

Family and including others

I was looking over my family phots from the reunion this summer and realized something. The photos of my aunts and uncles - the one's that are just of the siblings - include my Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat was married to my mother's brother but he's been gone for awhile. Uncle Lyle's funeral is when I had the chicken pox. She's been married to her second husband for longer than I think Uncle Lyle was alive. I don't remember the photos of the siblings from the reunions when my dad had survivied my mother, but I suspect when I find them they'll show my dad.

That's what I call family values. The generation before me includes the spouses even after their brothre and sister have died. Another story about that inclusion is also about my Aunt Pat. When she decided to remarry they walked across the farmyard to tell his mother, then drove down the road and told my grandparents, and finally got to her parents. And when they celebrated their 25th anniversary all three sides of the family came - her side, his side, her first husband's side.
And should I mention that the youngest in this photo won an age discrimination suit, is past sixty-five and is working as a ditch rider?

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