Friday, January 19, 2007

Looking for jobs

I'm sometimes puzzled by job applicants. I know I've talked more than once about how irritating it is to get a phone call when our ad says, "No phone calls, please." But there are other things. The ad says, "Apply in person" and some don't seem to realize that means you do everything yourself. When someone else picks up the application that's not following the directions to apply in person. When I say, "I'd like you to fill out the application over there." that's not an invitation to take the application home.

I'm looking for someone who can follow directions. If you make a phone call or have someone else pick up the application, then I wonder if you can follow directions. If you ask, "Can I take this home?" after I've said 'fill it out here" then I wonder if you know how to pay attention to customers. And when I receive an application that has been folded in half or quarters or with something scratched out I wonder how careful you are.

I begin to wonder whether people really want a job when they're rude to my desk clerks, are dressed in a sloppy fashion (or worse) and more. There are many ways to lose a chance at a job. And I'm sure I've not seen all of them yet.

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