Saturday, January 20, 2007

Take responsibility rather than reorganize

A news article Friday mentioned that the House has overhauled the oversight committe for pages. But the problem wasn't with the committee structure, it was that people failed to exercise their responsibilities. The chair was told of a problem with Foley's, but didn't tell anyone else. That's a failure of responsibility not a failure of structure. My suspicion is that the same lack of communication will continue to happen if problems between adults and teens are treated as partisan issues rather than issues of responsibility. No manner of equalization will prevent the problems until they are thought of as a weed that will overgrow everything else rather than an issue that others can bring against us. And the latter is what happened. The issue was covered up and not dealt with.

Instead of changing the system, the person who failed their responsibilities - the former chair of the committee - should be held responsible.

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