Saturday, January 27, 2007

Today's the day

In the hotel business many days roll by with the usual checking guests in, checking guests out, cleaning rooms, fixing breakfast and nothing all that out of the ordinary. But then there are days. I've written about the domestic violence and the call my girlfriend to let her know about the truck. And just now a request for a room just to use the TV.

And now...

Really, truly, I don't care if you use the room for a couple of hours to watch TV or to have a nooner. But please don't expect a reduction in the price. If you say (and even if that's all you do), "I'm going to just watch a TV show" it doesn't lessen the cleaning that I do. I still wash the sheets after you leave, I still wash the towels. And please don't expect me to believe that you won't use the bathroom and sink so I will clean those. My costs to the franchise remain the same. My costs to the credit card company remain the same. Two hours or ten hours - the amount of time you spend in the room just won't make a difference in my costs.

But that's what happened today. Someone told me that they wanted to rent a room for a couple of hours to watch a TV program and didn't want to believe there was no difference in the price. I had to break it to a customer that just watching TV means I have to clean the room just as much as if they took a nap or more.

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