Saturday, January 20, 2007

Firing - nope

I read another call for Isaiah Washington to be fired even after his apology. I was more of that mind after he denied using the 'f' word, but mostly still think that what people should be graded on is the quality of their work rather than the contents of their private speech. The first use was on the set, but still even hurtful and bigoted words shouldn't be grounds for firing unless there's a repeated useage. And the public denial of using the 'f' word was worse, but still... it seems to me a tempest in a teapot. I

The example of Isaiah Washington is bad, but I'd rather get worked up over school districts not allowing the formation of Gay/Straight Alliances by whatever name. I'd rather get worked up over the violence that continues when people are percieved as gay. WhatWashington did wasn't right and denying it is worse, but just accept the apology. If there's a continuing pattern, then it will be time to do something, but one or two instances... that's not enough for firing someone even if they're a public figure.

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