Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It’s not all in the mind. There is a link between depression and bone loss according to one recent study. And, in my experience, depression runs in family. My mother had depression. More than one of my cousins has been diagnosed with depression. I’ve had depression. And while my first bout of depression (hopefully last) was brought on by a specific situation the tendency towards depression didn’t help matters.

And while depression takes several forms, it is not something that can be conquered by just picking oneself up and moving. For some depression is a loss of interest in anything, a loss of feeling. For others it is too much feeling and all of it bad. Some other people have a cycling between numbness and pain.

My not getting out of bed in the morning and putting off laundry way too long was not enough to get me into treatment for depression. What finally got me there was when I was experiencing images horrific enough that I’ve stopped avoiding horror movies. I used to avoid horror movies because of the blood and gore and just not being able to live with seeing that. Now I don’t go to them for another reason - I critique the blood and gore for accuracy and the movies just don’t hold my interest.

Depression is real. It is a real medical problem. It has several causes and there are web sites that can give a lot more information with a lot more accuracy than I have on the subject. But all the information adds up to in the end is that depression just isn’t in the mind and it is not something that is easily or quickly cured. Depression is real and it brings a lot of pain.

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