Thursday, November 09, 2006

Neanderthal News

One of my favorite hymn writers gave his name to the Neanderthal man. Neander had a favorite valley to which he retreated and the valley was named after him. Thus 'Neander's valley' or in the language in which he wrote 'Neander thal' and then 'Neanderthal'. And where were the first bones of Neanderthals recognized? - - - serindipitous connections.

Over at Neanderthal's are in the news today. The question of where did Neanderthals go is finally being answered. Homo sapiens didn't kill the Neanderthals, they had children with them. Some links are at evolgen, PNAS, Pharyngula, Gene Expression, and probably more. Discoveries like these are why I thought, once upon a time, of becoming a scientist. Then I realized that the research wasn't for me. Reading about it is enough.

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