Saturday, January 06, 2007

And this is Christian?

It's a guilty pleasure. I watch reality TV shows. And I was watching one called "Next". In the captions describing one person there was addicted to Christianity, part of Christian Rock Band, had sex in public place. I may not have the exact saying, but the sex and Christian are correct. And this was a dating show.

For some reason I found this somewhat contradictory. An unmarried man claiming sex in a public place and quite clearly unmarried or without a lifetime commitment and claiming to be Christian. It just doesn't make sense.

Certainly I recognize that many people who are Christian have premarital sex or have had sexually promiscuous lives that may continue after they've realized that God came to save the world. But putting those two things together on a public show just baffles me. And I do think that telling the truth about that is better than not., but...

I then go on to wondering why some seem so adamant about homosexual sexuality and don't realize that heterosexuals are doing the same things. Heterosexuals have the option of marrying someone with whom they have a sexual attraction and so if anyone should be called promiscuous for having sex outside of marriage it is those who are heterosexuals. But homosexuals get told that they can't marry and then are blamed for having promiscuous sex. If you don't provide a remedy - for Paul the remedy for burning with sexual desires is marriage - then don't blame someone for what you see as a problem.

Yep, heterosexuals and homosexuals are promiscuous. And some heterosexual and some homosexuals make life-long chaste and faithful commitments to another person. The problem arises with the deeds rather than the gender of the partners.

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