Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And what is the truth?

Hiring seems like a never ending task some days. I spent yesterday working on training a new hire and planned to do more of the same today. But she didn't come in. She called and said she had another job in 'no-name town'. Except that I had worked with her and she had told me I live in 'no-name town' but am moving down here to go to school. I broke up with my boyfriend and my kids are living down here so I'm looking for a job in this town since I don't have anything left in 'no-name town'.

And another thing. I had scheduled her to start on a particular day, but that day she was snowed in. And she asked for another chance. And I gave her another chance to start work, since she was moving down the mountain and wouldn't be snowed in again and there had been a snowstorm, so.... I gave her a second start date.

Maybe she didn't like the job, maybe she didn't like me as a boss. And I'm glad I didn't spend anymore time training her. Yet I wonder, if she was moving why was she looking for a job in 'no-name town' and if she wasn't why look for work here?

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