Thursday, January 11, 2007

And you just noticed

Last night I had a guest check in after looking at our rooms. That's fine. I think that one of our selling points is when I have a guest look at our pillow-top mattresses, our re-tiled bathrooms, our cleanliness and more. Then a few minutes later they called down for a wake-up call. And after a half-hour, they wanted the names of the delivery places. A little later they asked how the internet worked. But then, after about two hours, they wanted to check out and get a refund since they didn't like the room.

I do want to acomodate my guests, but I really expect them to notice that they don't like the room sometime before they finished eating. Maybe when I show them the room before they decide to take it?

Then a complaint came through the national service that I didn't give them a refund. So I've sent them a letter that says I'm looking into their problems with the motel and will take what I feel is appropriate action. And that action is to keep the letter on file for a year so that I have evidence for our national line that I responded to the complaint.

No, I don't give refunds when I have had a guest in a room for over two hours just because they didn't like the room. I just can't work my brain around to accomodating a guest that much.

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