Friday, January 12, 2007

Boy Scouts

One of my friends just asked for suggestions about a prayer for an Eagle Scout ceremony. And it borugh up momnets of angst. I was a boy scout, my brothers were boy scouts, my dad was a boy scout and scout master, and I've been a counselor and chaperone on boy scout trips. But it seems I'm no longer welcome. Once I figured out my sexual orientation I was no longer fit to be one of them. A place that nurtured me and helped me grow has declared that I'm just not one of them. While I've been turned away from the door I still support much of what they do in helping young boys turn into men. But my support is no longer welcome and so I will not be at any boy scout events or funding any boy scout activities until such time as they come to a better understanding of sexual orientation. Boy scouts were at the forefront of the civil rights issues around color of skin, I just wish and pray that they could be so around the issue of equal right whatever one's sexual orientation.

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