Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good News, Bad News

This was one of those days at the motel.

My trash hasn't been picked up regularly and I was sure it was because of the snowstorm but wanted to check.

So I tried the first number - busy signal..... busy signal..... busy signal.

And then I found the bills and a second number..... answering machine.

And they called back.... when I was out.

And I called back.... and they were out.

And they called back... and the streets plowed a drift so the gate can't be opened so I have to shovel what I already shoveled before they can get to the dumpster.

So I'm shoveling snow and hoping that it won't be plowed when they come to clear the streets.

And Then

I'm also dealing with a cranky ice machine.

It's not making ice.

It is making ice.

The ice is in solid blocks and not breaking up the augur.

I clean out all the ice and break up the big blocks.

And fill the ice machine with some of the ice I just cleaned out.

And the ice maker stops working.

And I get the machine to make ice.

And halfway through getting the machine filled with ice it stops.

And I don't notice.

And then I do notice and fix the ice machine.

And I call our repair person - who is no longer in business.

And I call the people who made the machine.

And the nearest person they have is 500 miles away.

And they're out of town when I call.

But they call back and give me the number of someone 10 miles away who is certified by the manufacturer.

And they're out of town on vacation for two weeks.

But I do have their number and can keep babying the ice machine.... or so I hope.

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David said...

Good stuff!

I just came across your writing and have promised myself an evening of thoughtful reading sometime soon.

Thanks for linking me.