Saturday, January 06, 2007

The pool

The pool and spa at the motel have reminded me over the past few weeks why I used to have a pool in my dream house and that pool has disappeared from my dreams, but has gone into my nightmares.

We may have had three major snow storms in as many weeks. And that means lots of moisture, but it's not in the air. The air is dry. The water evaporates from the pool and the spa. And I've been filling them about every other day. Usually it seems like about once a week.

And the pump for the pool heater has been making a funny noise - a high pitched squeal, while the spa temperature has seemed to fluctuate at every moment. So after trying a couple of things I figured that the thermostat must be going out on the spa heater, while the bearings were going out on the pool pump.

So I called the pool guy to come and take a look.

The problem. The water was too low. The pool pump was squealing from air that came in when the pool level gets too low. The spa heater was kicking off when the pressure changed due to the water being too low.

So I spent money on a repair that didn't happen. And am now putting water in the pool and spa every night.

Just one of the many reasons that the pool has gone from a dream to a nightmare.

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