Thursday, January 04, 2007

The vote in Massachusetts

While I am somewhat dismayed that the movement to repeal the ability for all to marry in Massachusetts, basically I say bring on the vote. Every vote brings more gay men and lesbians, more of differing gender and sexual orientations out of the closet. The road to equality has not been smooth for any who lift themselves out of opression, to think that gay men and lesbians, bisexual and transexuals will have anything less than the same amount of work is illusory. Yet with every vote and setback and step forward there is progress. More people know a gay man or lesbain than when I was growing up.

I've seen the signs of change in my family. Homophobic comments weren't rare as I grew up. Yet at a recent family reunion one of my cousins was the one in trouble when she asked (and she knew that I was gay) me, "Is anyone going to carry on your father's name?" All I answered was the truth, "Well, since I've come closer to marrying a woman than either of my brothers... and I'm gay... No, I don't think it's likely."

Twenty years ago the aunts and uncles who supported me would have been on my back and trying to change me. They're not where they need to be, but I'm not where I think I need to be. Yet there have been many steps forward.

I suspect this vote in Massachusetts will turn out very different than those who have brought forth the referendum expect. I certainly hope so. Either way it is a step forward to have the subject discussed in public rather than in whispers in the background and slurs where everyone can hear.


smuethe smilez said...

Hi Victor's Child,

I'm just curious as to what your view is on Christianity and whether it conflicts with the gay/ lesbian lifestyle.
I've always had the impression that the two are hard to reconcile.

Victor's child said...

First off, I need to ask - What is 'the gay/lesbian lifestyle' to which you refer? There are some lifestyles of gay men, of lesbians, of straight singles, of straight married, of any gender and sexual orientation that conflict with Christianity. And there are many lifestyles in which those of differing sexual and gender orientations or marital status that are compatible with Christianity. But there is no 'the' gay lifestyle of which I'm aware.