Friday, January 05, 2007

Gay lifestyle

Someone will please have to tell me what is the "gay lifestyle"? I'm sure that I've seen many. There are as many and as few gay lifestyles as there are heterosexual lifestyles. And while some of those lifestyles are not in tune with Christianity the problems with those lifestyles are not determined by the gender of the people, but by their actions.

While some who claim the name of Christian don't approve of gay men or lesbian affirming their sexual orientation not all Christians do so. And I find it quite easy to affirm my lifestyle and my Christianity. I intend to be chaste as a single and, when I find the right partner, faithful in marriage. And while I intend to wait to marry until my denomination declares that I can do so, that may change if I find the right man.

So if you're asking me whether or not I have trouble reconciling being a Christian and the gay lifestyle, I have to say that I can't answer. At least not until you can tell me which gay lifestyle it is that you have in mind. I may consider that lifestyle Christian or not. But not until I know what is meant.

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