Saturday, January 06, 2007


One of the problems I run into at the motel is that while I have fifty rooms and don't always sell out, I also have a limited number of rooms of any type. I have five rooms that have two beds and are smoking. And right now I have a lot of construction workers coming in. They smoke and want a smoking room. And I have someone who has been renewing his stay in his smoking room for the last five nights a day at a time.

But the reservations were made before the one person was doing this renewal each day. And so today I had to tell him that he couldn't have the same room. What we do is honor the first booking. And we don't overbook.

I could say the reason we don't overbook is guest satisfaction. That's a major part of it. I do like to keep my guests happy. But another little factor is the policy of our chain. That policy is that if we have overbooked, then we have to find a comparable room and pay for that room until we can put them in the room type they booked at our own motel. When I started we only paid for the first night at a comparable motel, now it is until we get them that room or their reservation is finished.

So I was grateful today that I could move that person from a smoking with two beds to a smoking with one bed.

I often write about theproblems with guests and staff, but more often than not the problems are easily solved and the guests are willing to work with me so that we can both be satisfied. The guests that I usually mention are a reason for me to get out of this business. But guests that will help me accomodate their desires and my desires are why I stay in this business.

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