Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why Cobb County lost

“Evolutionary biology certainly hasn’t explained everything that perplexes biologists, but intelligent design hasn’t yet tried to explain anything at all.”

–Daniel C. Dennett, Philosopher

Dover and Cobb lost their cases about Intelligent Design for one very simple reason. And that is there is no credible scientific alternative to evolutionary theory. It's not that some of the witnesses didn't appear. It's not that the lawyers for I.D. or stickers did a poor job. It is that science is self-correcting and looks at the facts while I.D. attempts (as was clearly shown during the Dover trial) to masquerade a religious ideology as science.

P.S. I tried to put this as a comment under the comment category in my Cobb post of yesterday, but didn't succeed, so just did a separate entry. I think it was my computer connection rather than the service.

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