Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sadam's execution

Saddam is dead and good riddance. But there remain many others who will not pay. We in the USA are complicit in some of the wrongs for which we executed Hussein - and I do mean 'we' for until we are out of the country we are a part of any trial, judgement and execution - since we are the ones who helped him stay in power for at least some of the time. And while we have opposed some of the worst excesses we let many things slide while we sold weapons to help contain Iran. I cannot begin to count the crimes that he committed, just as I cannot help but ask the quesiton of how have we been complicit? And while I love this country I do not like what the answer says about how we in the USA have behaved through our leaders.

We can do better and we are called to do better. But we cannot do better unless we face the ways in which we have failed to be a light to the world and, more than that, face the ways in which we in the USA have been a force for darkness.

I sorrow not for the death of Saddam Hussein, but for what we have done before that death happened.

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