Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snow again

Our second major snowstorm of the year is happening. It's just about a week after another major snowstorm. But this one looks to be a lot easier. For one thing people listened to the weather forecast and got off the road. Last week we had a lot of people who just hadn't prepared. In this case being late works for the next time.

But still.... Someone just came in and asked me to help him find the hotel where he was booked. I'm happy to do that, but there was a little problem. He didn't know whether it was Denver or one of the suburbs, nor did he have a phone number, nor did he have a name. He did however have the street address - just the street, not the town.

But we were able to help him. And, hopefully, he's on his way twentyfive miles straight south of here with interstate the whole way.

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