Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Biblical Illiteracy

It seems that the evangelical/conservative wing of the church - which sometimes claims to be more biblically knowledgeable or at least more faithful in following biblical principles - is not so biblically literate. My own perception is that most agnostics and atheists know more about the Bible than most people who claim to be Christian.

The question to ask ourselves (that is for those of us who claim the title Christian) is not whether we have a Bible around, but whether we read and study it daily and whether we work to put it into place in our lives.

My experience as a gay man is that many people will tell me that the scriptures are against homosexuality but then when I ask them where it says such they are unable to answer, and being able to defend their interpretation of some of the passages usually cited on the rare ocassions that the people can actually mention a biblical is something that I rarely see. So I guess I go along with the study.

It is a shame. If you believe the Bible is important or inerrant or the rule for faith and life (all descriptions from various Christian traditions) then it should be a regular part of your life. Otherwise all you have is sounds without meaning.

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