Saturday, December 02, 2006

Enjoying stuff

I got to do something I liked today. I got to thank someone. Usually with our pool I feel as if I'm the big bad guy spoiling all the fun. I go into the area and yell at people for diving and ignoring the no diving sign. I go into the pool area and talk to people about the safety equipment is not a toy and we will kick them out of the motel for misusing it. I go into the pool area and ask people to removed their food and drink from the pool area. And today I had a father watching his sons through the window and teaching them about obeying the rules. He had his drink with him but didn't go into the pool area.

And so I got to say 'thanks'. Hmm. He was dressed in leathers and such. What many in my mother's generation would consider rough. But I've had more problems with some people who are dressed cleanly and in business clothes than this person who was unshaved and in leathers. Looks and dress can be important, but they are not the most important things on which to base an opinion of someone.

Usually I don't enjoy getting on people's cases about wrongdoing (sometimes I do, but… I try to be better than that.). And even when I feel I'm doing the right thing in asking people to obey the rules – which arise out of experience with several sorts of problems – it is not as pleasurable as working with people who seek to do what's right rather than what meets their immediate desires. It seems to me that taking food or drink into a pool area is all about meeting one's desires rather than seeking to do what's right.

I've had people, who think they're being reasonable, arguing with me over having their 'water' in the spa. I'm concerned about them becoming dehydrated, but that's easily remedied by not spending so much time in the hot water. And that's something that they can control. I'm also worried about the possibility of something breaking or spilling in the spa. And that requires work that I just shouldn't have to do. Not bringing food or drink into a pool/spa area is not a rule made up by our motel just to annoy the guests. That rule comes from years of experience. And, judging from the fact that one can find signs about 'No Food, No Drink' in every pool supply catalog in several sizes and configurations, this rule is standard.

Now taking drink or food in the pool is not the worst that has happened. An infant in a dirty diaper was in our pool once upon a time. Actually I can't say that for certain as all we found was the diaper floating in the pool. And then there's the time someone brought a dog into the pool area and claimed that the desk clerk had told them to sneak the dog into the hotel.

Yet these are problems that are few and far between. They make better stories than the ones about 'Oh, they did things so well." And "They had a problem but were polite when they told me about it and it was a pleasure fixing it for them.' And that's as it should be. The best stories are about things that don't usually happen. Politeness, respect should be the norm and when that happens I can tell the horror stories about service in peace and with enjoyment for all.

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