Thursday, December 07, 2006

Twins, genetics and Dobson

I recently read an article that focused on Dobson, Haggard and sexuality. In it Dobson is quoted as saying.
"What homosexual activists especially would like everybody to believe is
that it is genetic. That they don't have any choice. And if it were genetic,
identical twins would all have it. If you had homosexuality in one twin, it
would be there in the other. So it can't be simply genetic."

What this really says is that Dobson doesn't really understand genetics. A genetic factor doesn't necessarily mean that something as complex as sexuality turns out to be the same in every set of identical twins. In fact the similarity among identical twin is related not just to genetics but to when the ovum divides. In fact there are many ways in which identical twins can differ throughout their lives as their environment differs.

I'm an identical twin. My twin brother came into allergies before puberty. I didn't begin to experience allergies until later in life.

I'm an identical twin. At one point I was six inches taller than my brother. Later he caught up with me in height.

I'm an identical twin. I'm basically ambidextrous, while my brother is basically right-handed.

There are many differences in the lives of identical twins that can be related to factors that are both genetic and environmental. To say that every set of identical twins must be identical in sexual orientation for there to be a genetic factor is arrant nonsense. Dobson just doesn't know his genetics.

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