Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Free press, free speech, due process

It seems to me that we in the USA are digging ourselves into a hole. For all our vaunted freedoms that make us better we aren't doing a very good job of sticking to them elsewhere. The New York Times, not usually considered a fringe journal, has another report of a journalist being jailed and held without trial while doing his job. What is happening to us when there is not any indication of an overwhelming swell of outrage. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, due process are all things I thought we held up in opposition to terrorism. But we seem to be giving them up for immediate gain and a complete loss of those values for which we supposedly stand. If we can give these things up so cquickly they aren't what we really value. And I am saddened for all of the people in my family who have fought in war after war for this country and the consititution. Their sacrifices are in vain if we don't keep holding to free speech, free press and due process no matter the cost.

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