Friday, December 08, 2006


I try to meet the needs of my guests. But I don't always meet their expectations. Our breakfast hours are posted as being from 6am to 9am. And if people ask I'll try to have something earlier. But I can't do everything.

For example, my waffle batter needs about an hour to get ready. If I have it pre-made, then it needs to warm up for about an hour before being used. If it's not already made, then it needs to sit for about an hour. If I don't get it warmed up, then the batter is cooked on the outside and runny on the inside - good for eggs served sunny-side up and bad for waffles. If I don't let the batter sit, then the waffles have a gritty granular taste - not good in waffles.

So the other day I had a request from some people staying a couple of weeks to have some breakfast ready early. I had rolls and breads and coffee and cereal out. That was fine for a couple of days, until they wanted waffles. I get here about 5am to start breakfast. I can get here a few minutes early and get a few items out before I start the morning coffee. But somehow the idea that I needed an hour ahead of time to put the waffles out didn't compute.

So I was asked for waffles and I said 'it takes an hour for the batter to be ready.'

'Couldn't you just put a few cups out that early.'

'The batter is prepared in a large container, so I'd have to get all of it out.'

'But couldn't you still have a couple out.'

;The batter needs to be out for a full hour either warming up or sitting before I put it into the pre-measured cups.'

But it's only a little bit.'

I'm not sure I ever really got through that there are some breakfast items that are easy to get out early and others that are more difficult. And so I sigh. I'm happy to get some of the breakfast out early, but please don't try to get me to get everything on the menu out early. I just can't. And if you nag me too much about what I can't reasonably do, then I might not be as enthusiastic about the things I can actually do. Meeting the needs of our guests for an earlier breakfast is soemthing I'm happy to do. Even when I complain a little about it I still want to do it. Getting all of breakfast out early just isn't going to happen.

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