Friday, December 08, 2006

The swimming pool

Before I worked in a motel I wondered at the policy of not opening the swimming pool early in the morning. When I was staying at a motel I was always at work by the time the pool opened. And I like to swim when I can. And the pool was just there. And how much problem would it be to have a single person swimming laps? Then I found out some of the reasons.

It's not the lap swimmer early in the morning that causes problems. It the swimmers who see the lap swimmer and then come in and have fun and make noise and wake up the people around the pool. So much for not understanding the rules, now I understand all too well. If there was a way of filtering out the noise from the swimmers I'd open the pool. Until I can do that I'll stick with the later opening and explain to some of my best customers why I can't accomodate their desire. And breathe a sigh of relief that some of my worst customers won't have a way to cause more problems than have already happened.

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