Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And the news is where?

I say a 'breaking news story' on Anna Nichole Smith as I was flipping through the channels today. I didn't stay to watch what it was. Rather I thought, how about the ex-ex-gays on Montel Williams talking about a breach of trust, how about the ex-aide to Ney - one of our elected officials - pleading guilty to bribery, Gore's response to accusations from the Drudge, some person (Randy Thompson) from an ex-gay ministry suggesting gays haven't suffered enough (see Box Turtle Bulletin for some history), Congressman Dan Young misquoting Lincoln, a principle censoring an article that called for tolerance because kids shouldn't be exposed to the idea that some kids are gay, that Republicans are keeping money from a supporter of terrorism, an editorial on why all kids should be enabled to attend prom with the partner of their choice, how people can disagree with respect for their differences, Andrew Sullivan's quote of the day, and while many of these may not interest everyone aren't they more important than one person's dirty laundry.

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