Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Incubus Dreams - Anita Blake

In this continuation of the series Blake's life grows even more complicated with four - no five - boyfriends. It's a pleasure to see the usual expectation that a heterosexual threesome is with two women turned on its head. The attacks and mayhem in this novel are more psychic than the usual guns and fists of the Anita Blake series, but still remains interesting. And there's always a nugget of truth. My pleasure this time was the comment.

"People want to make saints of the dead as if their v ery goodness should
have protected them. Purity was not a shiled against violence, in fact
sometimes ignorance got you killed faster."

Since this is a very Christian viewpoint - especially some of the early desert mothers and fathers - and Blake was Roman Catholic and currently Episcopalian I enjoyed it. Certainly not everything Blake does or what is done in the book is Christian, but there's only one who actually followed the way of the Christ without making mistakes and that one was/is the Christ.

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