Sunday, February 18, 2007

Too many boxes

Today I was reviewing our complaint file and found one from about two years ago. We were replacing all of our mattresses. We went from regular to pillow top mattresses. I can't say I'm sorry, but there were a couple of frustrations.

Just little things like trying to have the mattresses arrive in two separate shipments a week apart. We took out 92 mattresses, changed some of our rooms with two queens into single kings, then brought in 82 pillow top mattresses. It was a good change, but neither shipment arrived when scheduled but they did manage to arrive on the same day.

We hired extra help, but it was still a lot of work. And anyone with eyes could see that this was a project like road construction. It's a mess, but if they don't do it the roads will soon be in terrible shape. But not everyone thought the mess was worthwhile. I received a complaint that we had too many boxes in the hallway. I'd agree. We had too many boxes in the hallway, under our canopy and some were left unprotected while I prayed that it didn't rain. Evidently the fact that over the course of their stay they could see boxes of mattresses being moved in and out.

However that complaint didn't irritate me as much as our experience with the headboards. We replaced our headboards and other furniture the month after we did the mattresses. Our headboards would have been moved up anyway to deal with the new height of the pillow top mattresses and so the owner decided to do it all. The new headboards were lovely rectangles with two hooks on the back to hang them. And the hooks were in different places on each headboard. And so we measured 85 headboards in order to make sure they were all hung straight.

The headboards really were a lot less work than the mattresses, but it's the little thing of having to measure each headboard that got to us. Also with the rest of the furniture the handles were in the drawer, not on the drawer so we had to attach each and every knob and handle. It doesn't seem like much, but with fifty rooms to go it took more than a little time. It's not always the big things that really are irritating, sometimes small things - under an inch in diameter - like knobs and hooks can really get through our equanimity.

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