Monday, February 12, 2007

Burnt Offering - Anita Blake

One of the things I appreciated in this novel about Anita Blake was the interweaving of gun safety in the story. And while this is a minor matter, it is important. I don't remember a particular lecture on gun safety as I was growing up. It was always a given. Guns were a tool on the farm. They were used to hunt for food, to kill stray dogs that might run the cattle, but were not toys. Guns were around as tools to help and like all the other tools cared for appropriately. Just as keys weren't kept in a vehicle; just as gates were left as they were; so too guns were locked up until they were used. And when they were in use they weren't pointed at anything that wasn't going to be shot.

The character's development is more important than the gun safety. Blake takes on resposibility for more people (or creatures) and deals with having more than one man, works to get governing bodies to act responsibly and causes a lot of shoot them, duke it out mayhem along with having a sex life. Enjoyable as always.

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