Friday, February 23, 2007

It's not money for sex

I don't approve of sex outside a life-long committed relationship. I'm not in favor of soliciting sex at a bar or anyplace else. I despise people who preach against something and then go out and do it. But none of that is pertinent to free speech. If you want to preach against homosexuality and then solicit sex that's something that may be immoral but not illegal. That's what Rev. Lonnie W. Latham did. He shouldn't be up on charges for illegal sexual activity. If that's the case many of the couples who check into my motel after the bars close on Friday should be arrested since they don't really know each other's last name. The fact that almost without exception they're heterosexual couples shouldn't make a difference, they and Latham should be treated in the same fashion. And that means that soliciting sex just isn't illegal, nor should it be. Asking for sex just isn't prostitution.

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