Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gods of Olympia

After watching Travelling to Olympia I had to watch Gods of Olympia just to see if the second was the same train wreck. It had the same appeal as watching a film by Ed Woods. One wonders why any money would be spent on such wooden acting, ponderous dialogue and preachy script. Certainly I agree that people should get more schooling, but a herd of rampaging elephants would be more subtle than the way this was inserted into an uninteresting plot. I like good diction but the actors came across as sounding out each word from cue cards rather than clearly pronouncing the words. Line such as 'He didn't like the politics, one of the partners was Baptist" show that the author doesn't know the difference between religion and politics or that there are a number of varieties of Baptist denominations. I could go on, but I won't consider watching this film as one of those by Ed Woods - an experiment in finding the ways perfectly good ideas can be ruined.

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