Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Leviticus: the JPS Torah Commentary

I appreciate anything that introduces itself by quoting Micah 6:6-8 (p. xi) but the worth of this book is recognizable on every page. Don't let the Hebrew scare you away. There is an english translation alongside and the insights in the commentary are acessible to those without the Hebrew language at their command.

Leviticus is not a book that recieves much attention from Christians. But Baruch A Levine brings clarity to the commentary and allows us to see the coherence within the Levitical rules and regulations that seem less than coherent to our cultures within the U.S.A. And reading it make4s me think I'm going to have to spend more money - buying more in the JPS commentary series. If this book is any example the money will be well spent.


o1mnikent said...
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o1mnikent said...

You might also be interested in an electronic edition of Levine's Leviticus commentary in the JPS Torah Commentary Series from Logos Bible Software. It's not only inexpensive compared to the print version, but it's also easier to work with.

Also, Levine has two volumes on Numbers in the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary.