Thursday, March 29, 2007

Change is possible and necessary - for everyone

I pray regularly that my heart, mind and soul be changed to what God would have me be, yet I must admit a sliver of self-satisfaction when another person comes around to the point of view I hold and agrees that it is what God would have us do. So when Box Turtle Bulletin pointed me to an article at Pam's House Blend where Joe Murray formerly of the American Family Association changed his mind about homosexuality... suffice it to say I was probably a little too pleased. But the interview is good. And it shows one of the reasons I keep talking to people with whom I disagree. Possibly they're right and I need to change or maybe I'm right and they need to change or both of us may be wrong and need to change - yet I need to constantly examine and re-examine my beliefs so that I may come more into what God would have me be.

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