Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Depression happens

One of the people I talk with recently mentioned some of the signs of depression in his life. And I immediately jumped on him to get medical and therapeutic helps started. The signs of depression are several - lack of interest in anything, feelings of suicide or thoughts on how to accomplish it, weight loss or weight gain that's not explained, and more. But the big thing is to go to your doctor and if the doctor passes off the symptoms go to another. Depression is a medical illness that affects body and brain. Depression is just not a matter of getting out there and ridding yourself of it.

There are a number of mentions of depression in search engines, go to the sites that have real medical advice rather than the herbs or other treatments. There are drugs that have been tested and shown to help. There are therapies that have clear success rates. Go to those sites, go to some of the free medical helps in your community or the nearest major metropolitan area. But go get some help.

That's the advice I gave to 'him' and to you.

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