Sunday, March 11, 2007


Soulforce has been going around for a couple of years with college age kids talking to colleges that have morality codes or such stuff that is antithetical to accepting homosexuality as a natural part of what is. One of the colleges they visited is near where my father grew up. Namely Dordt College in Sioux Center. While it is certainly in the Dutch area of Iowa they are nowhere near as liberal as Holland. But they do have something of which I approve. A desire for neatness and a respect for each other. And so, when the bus was vandalized, the college apologized.

Too often the debate is couched in terms that demonize the other side. This is good news. We can disagree in way that doesn't call the other names and respects the viewpoint of the other. We don't have to accept what they're saying, only respect that they believe it.

So kudos to Dordt College. I may not agree, but I can appreciate them. They're taking responsibility for what happened during the visit. They're showing respect. I keep wishing we would do more of that sort of stuff, but until that day comes when we all show respect I'll try to give a word of thanks when I see it happen.


And my dad grew up in a small town called Hull just down the highway from Sioux Center.

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