Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Immoral or moral is irrelevant

General Pace made a comment with which many agree and many disagree. That comment was that 'homosexuality is immoral.' Frankly I don't care if he apologizes for that remark. I would like to know whether his viewpoint on the morality or immorality of homosexuality which he claims is because of his upbringing affects his judgement. Certainly there is a lot of discussion among ethicists and moralists over what is ethical and moral. Homosexuality may or may not be immoral, yet the Armed Services have to deal with conflicting definitions of morality every day. What is moral in some religions is not so for members of other religions. And what I want to know is whether General Pace bases his actions on something more thoughtful than this is the morals I was taught as a child? Is General Pace thinking as an adult?

No apologies are necessary for his remarks, but more of an explanation is needed.

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