Monday, October 23, 2006

Bad ideas

It's not a good thing to walk up to people and call them names. Doesn't matter if you don't approve of what they're doing. But to spit on them is even worse. And when they're undercover cops it's doesn't get any better. But someone did just that. And then when he was arrested kept on calling them names. Free speech does come with responsibility. I'd defend the right to call other names, though not in or on my property, but laying hands on someone or doing other things is a bit further than the founding fathers had in mind (or so I suspect).

More Local News Cops Posing as Gay Lovebirds Nab Homo Hater in Union Square
Monday, October 23, 2006
Two cops who posed undercover as a gay couple
strolling through Union Square arrested a man on hate-crime charges last Monday,
The New York Post reported. The officers were sitting on a bench, snuggling,
when Tyrone George, 20, threatened them and spat on them. He called them
"faggots" and yelled that he hated "homos." When the police arrested him, he
complained that he didn’t want faggots touching him, the Post reported. The
policemen, assigned to the Transit Borough Manhattan Task Force, were stationed
in the Union Square park and subway station to look for violence from gangs and
nearby high schools, the Post reported.

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