Friday, October 20, 2006

Fertility clinics, stem cell research and abortions

Fine. You’re against abortions. Then what about the ovums flushed by fertility clinics or stem cell research? The same sorts of procedures are done in those places as in abortion clinics. And spontaneous abortions regularly happen. The problems with abortion aren't as clear cut as many would like to believe.

It is true that I don't like induced abortions. I believe many times they are unnecessary and are always fraught with grave moral consequences. On the other hand I'm never going to be faced with a sexual partner having a problem pregnancy, so I also think I need to stay out of the way of women who are faced with the choice of whether to terminate their pregnancy. Yet the conversation about what is the right choice needs to happen and it's not simple.

Fertility clinics routinely discard ovum and embryo that are damaged or unnecessary, but they do not end up seeing the same protests as to abortion clinics. The discarded tissue matter could be used in stem cell research, some of which suggests that the research could lead to cures or ameleoration of disease. What's the good, what's the harm. It's not going to be found in shouting baby-iillers outside of abortion clinics. We need to sit down and discuss the moral implications with the understanding that there are people of moral courage, conviction and faith on all sides of the issue.


The article that started me on this subject is at Thoughts From Kansas and called "Why do conservatives hate children."

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