Saturday, October 14, 2006

Capri pants or things I don't like

How many remember the rhyme?

I do not like thee, Mr Fell.
Why that is I cannot tell.
I only know and know full well
I do not like thee Mr. Fell.

It's not new to have likes and dislikes. One of my favorite dislikes is capri pants or three-quarter length pants on men and women. The question is not whether we have likes or dislikes, and some of those are certainly irrational, but whether we recognize when they shouldn't be relevant.

How I treat people shouldn't be based on the type of pants that they wear. It should be based on something more substantial. But I wonder what other prejudices I have, what other likes and dislikes influence my actions without my knowing. I've come to terms with not liking capri pants, but ignoring their presence to deal with the person in front of me, but.... What else is there.

So what are your likes and dislikes that sometime influence your opinion of a person when it really shouldn't matter?

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