Thursday, October 19, 2006

Truthout repeats an editorial from the New York Times that says:
The Republicans, unlike most Democrats (Joe Lieberman always excepted),
can’t stop advertising their “family values,” which is why their pitfalls are as
irresistible as a Molière farce.

So true. The problem isn't that one party has cleaner hands or would be less likely to cover up problems, but that one party has claimed values that it doesn't follow. Is welfare for mothers with children supporting family values more than a Defense of Marriage Act? Our actions do speak louder than words. When the Democrats controlled congress I remember stories like that of a stripper in the river and a senator. If I could remember who was whom I'd cite names. There are real rules that would help protect pages from inappropriate behavior and cause situations like taking bribes or using family members as paid staff come to light sooner. Neither party seems willing to do much about them.

And then they wonder why people don't vote.

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