Thursday, October 12, 2006


I was irritable this mornign about the things people miss. I had a report of luggage left behind. It came in after I'd already rented the room. I asked the people in the room if they had an extra suitcase and they said 'no.' So this morning we found the suitcase in the room.

So the original guests didn't see that they'd left a suitcase. The housekeepers didn't see a suitcase that they had to vacuum around. The next people in the room didn't see the suitcase. And now it is found.

But then I also have some blind spots. I spent a good portion of my life in denial. Then I woke up one morning and heard, "You are gay and I love you as you are." That day was one of the most hilarious of all my life. I'd be doing something and suddenly a memory would come and the shoe would drop and I'd think how could I have not noticed! And I laughed at how blind I'd been.

For some people that sort of born again experience is one of gut wrenching sorrow. In my case that voice gave me gut wrenching laughter. And the memories that fell into place were not just those past my puberty, but from some of my earliest years. I had been blind and I began to see. I thank God daily for that gift.

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