Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Haggard and the ilk

Haggard seems to believe he's cured after three weeks of counseling. I suspect that he's in denial. If one is paying for sex and using crystal meth, then there is addictive behavior. No one in their right mind thinks that solving those problems happens in a couple of months. I certainly respect the sincerity of Haggard and the people who claim he's cured. I just think they're deluding themselves. Have they done any physical tests - e.g. brain wave activity or blood flow during arousal? - they're are a number of ways to test whether or not change has happened. But I suspect none of the tests have been used.

I sorrow for Haggard and his delusions, but even more for his wife and family. The problems he's experiencing won't go away until he figures out that he's either homosexual or bisexual. Someone who pays for sex with a person of the same gender just isn't straight.

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