Saturday, February 10, 2007

Preparation and more

In my previous post I told a story about how my dad learned new things. But there were also things to which he was oblivious. My mother and I had the same habit when getting ready to go out with the family. Once we were prepared we sat and waited. My dad was a putterer. He would go around and do this and the other thing and finally would ask, "Aren't you ready yet?" To which I would reply, "I'm waiting for you." Dad never made the connection that my mother or I sitting meant that we were ready to go. Not even though both mom and I mentioned that directly to him as in "Dad, when I'm ready to go I sit down and wait for everyone else to arrive."

Oh well, he had many things which he did better. One of which is that we knew he loved us. I guess for that we both put up with some little irritations. And I know he put up with some things in us that irritated him, so....

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