Thursday, February 08, 2007

Haggard - Queen of Denial

From Ex-gay watch comes a link to The Onion's satire on Haggard's three week cure. Just acting out? Three weeks to get over crystal? I do want to give people a break when they've messed up. But three weeks? Even the psychologists who cling to the idea that homosexuality can be cured don't promise that quick a turnaround. And if there's any addiction recovery organization that promises a three-week cure I sure can't find them.

I can understand wanting to be cured of what one considers a disease. I was the queen of denial about my sexual orientation. But for so many people to believe what is just not in evidence about Haggard's recovery is a little more denial than I can manage to live with. I guess I'm no longer the queen of denial. The evangelicals and fundamentalists (by no means everyone who claims that title) who believe homosexualitycan or needs to be cured the the ones in denial.

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