Saturday, March 03, 2007

The magi or Follow and Seek

Follow and seek

The magi are travelling over the earth
From beaches and deserts they follow a star
With them as treasure comes incense and gold
And, in bitter pleasure, there’s myrrh as foretold
How many wise ones will follow that star?
How many riches will come from afar?

The magi are travelling over the earth
In search of a Savior, in search of rebirth
How many are looking to follow that star?
How many will find Christ from near and from far?
What gifts will they bring? What gifts will they find?
What gifts do we bring? What gifts might we find?

The magi have come and gone over the earth
The star that they followed has now disappeared.
Still we too may follow and seek Jesus Christ,
Who risen as Savior, brings God down to earth.
Will we look with the magi for Jesus Christ?
Will we follow the Christ into rebirth?

copyright Roger Victoria 2001

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